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Lisa K JPEG Edits Nov 2013-13Ashiatsu is a type of massage therapy in which the practitioner balances herself from parallel bars mounted above the table and massages the client with her feet. Strokes are compressive, broad, consistent and flowing – giving the sensation of being massaged by very large hands. Tissues are left feeling invigorated, yet deeply relaxed.

When properly applied, Ashiatsu techniques elongate the spine and surrounding muscles. Use of the feet produce a unique “push-pull-pumping” effect which promotes compression of the soft tissue surrounding the joints, which in turn increases mobilization, allowing the spine to resume back to its natural position.

Is Ashiatsu for you?
This modality is particularly popular for people who enjoy deep tissue massage, athletes, and individuals with thick musculature.
Although beneficial for many, Ashiatsu is not for everyone. It is not recommended during pregnancy, within 6 weeks of any surgery, or within 9 months of breast implants. (For a complete list – considerations + contraindications). Please discuss any potential health concerns with your practitioner before trying Ashiatsu.

Is it safe?
When performed correctly, Ashiatsu is safe, effective, and painless, not to mention profoundly relaxing. The amount of pressure is carefully monitored throughout the session, and easily adjusted for the clients comfort. Ashiatsu is not a ‘no pain, no gain’ massage – the safety, well-being, and satisfaction of the client is the foremost concern.