post-therapy care

With any sort of deep tissue massage, your muscle fibers need to realign and be flushed of the toxins released from the muscle. Stretching can help to do this realignment and improve proper muscle recovery therefore reducing post massage muscle pain.

hydrotherapy (epsom salt bath/whirlpool/sauna)
Similar to the effects of drinking water and stretching, hydrotherapy can also prolong the sense of relaxation to your body/mind and induce a deeper sleep that night while promoting healthy muscle recovery.

drink plenty of water
Because massage increases the flow of blood throughout your body and releases toxins from your muscles, it is essential to increase your intake of water for at least a couple of days after your massage to ensure that your body is properly flushed.

Massage Therapy has a big effect on circulation and stimulates digestion among other systems of the body. Keeping a small snack with you to eat after a massage will provide your body with an instant electrolyte boost (especially if you tend to feel light headed after massages).

Allow your body to enjoy the benefits of your massage and take it easy for a couple of days especially if it has been a long time since your last massage or if your muscles were very stressed.

limit alcohol + caffeine
It is recommended that you limit the amount of alcohol and caffeine after a massage as these will further dehydrate your body.

Always feel free to express what you are experiencing before, during, and after your massage sessions so that your massage therapist has the opportunity to cater to your concerns and needs.