getting personal

Massage is an incredibly personal experience. To be comfortable with your therapist, get to know a little bit about her…

Meet Lisa ~ with a background in holistic nutrition, she respects the body’s innate ability to heal itself and the unique needs of each individual. She applies these same principles in her massage practice, in that she tailors each treatment to her client’s goals and preferences.DSC08064

Lisa tries to practice in her life, what she encourages to others for optimal health and well-being – by receiving regular therapy (massage, osteopathy, counselling), eating what’s right for her body and by keeping active through spinning, yoga, and hiking with her best ‘furriend’ named Joshua who can often be found working alongside Lisa as her therapy assistant.

IMG_20141027_141344IMG_20140710_201304To satisfy her healthy craving for fun and adventure, Lisa is often on the hunt for day trips to quaint towns, unique vacations, and anything out of the ordinary. She’s lived in South Korea where she taught one-on-one conversational English while learning more about her root culture and language. Lisa’s snorkeled and fed monkeys on the beach in Thailand, practiced yoga by waterfalls in Brazil, and hiked the beautiful red canyons of Sedona. One of her most memorable trips was to Tuscany where she enjoyed a cooking vacation. Lisa’s passion for food is undeniable and she secretly wishes for a double life – RMT by day, Food Savant by night! Her most recent endeavor is a documentary film-making course where she is learning every skill needed to produce a professional documentary…she thrives on exploring as many of her curiosities and interests in which precious time and resources will allow! DSC06752

For any of you thinking of making an appointment with Lisa, she wants you to know you’ll be in good hands (or feet!)

A personal note:
By illustrating some of my more positive experiences, it is not to mask the inevitable hardships as well. I am comfortable speaking candidly in getting to know one another, in aim of creating an open and welcoming environment.
Looking forward,