My personal journey to better health began in the year 2000 when I decided to take control of my binge eating and seek help with a nutritionist. From there, my interest in nutrition led me to take the Holistic Nutrition program at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition – this is where and when my perspective opened and shifted.

I allowed myself to question more…not just about our food sources but about what we were repeatedly taught in the mainstream media. This experience was awakening and has completely changed my outlook with my own health and the well-being of others. Of course, the learning and shifting never stops but the foundation’s been set.

I haven’t looked back since and through my growing interest in alternative and holistic practices, I have been fortunate to learn the practice of massage therapy. Massage has not only been a key component in maintaining my health, but has now given me a means through which I can help others. And so became namu

The term namu translates from Korean to tree.

Pine trees in particular have a very special meaning in the hearts of Korean people. For the most part, the pine tree represents longevity and virtue and is viewed as an honorable, strong, and wise being.

namu was given its name in memory of my late grandfather who, not only represented these qualities, but would often tell me that he would want to be a tree in his next lifetime.